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PEEK Tube Pipe

PEEK tube pipe offers excellent chemical, high temperature and creep resistance. It is very dimensionally stable and has a high mechanical bearing strength. PEEK tubes pipes are used for many different industries, especially in the oil and gas industry.
SNC Techs can provide PEEK tubes pipes for a wide range of dimensions through various processing methods to help customers reduce material waste. In addition, by adding fillers to the raw material to enhance the performance of the PEEK tubes pipes to meet the application requirements of different scenarios.
SNC Techs is available in numerous modifications to meet your requirements. They include:
Natural (Unfilled) PEEK
  • High thermal resistance and thermal stability
  • Good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High purity and low outgassing
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Good electrical insulation
30% carbon filled PEEK
  • Increased strength, stiffness, and stability
  • Creep resistance
  • Conductive
30% glass filled PEEK
  • Increased compression strength and stiffness
  • Creep resistance
  • Reduced expansion rates
  • No conductive
10% carbon + 10% graphite + 10% PTFE filled PEEK
  • Excellent sliding friction properties
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good chemical resistance

Production methods of PEEK Tube Pipe

    Extrusion is a method that uses screw rotation and pressure to continuously extrude thermoplastic polymer into a mold, and when it passes through a certain shape of a die, a plastic profile that is compatible with the shape of the die is obtained.

    The length of the continuously extruded PEEK TUBE is unlimited, and its physical properties are comparable to those of injection molding. For large-volume orders, extrusion is very cost-effective. SNC Techs can provide a complete range of PEEK TUBE molds and stock products
    The compression molded method is to put the preheated polymer into the mold, by applying heat and pressure to make it shape.

    The compression molded PEEK TUBE has low internal stress, stable mechanical and physical properties, and almost no material waste and MOQ. SNC Techs can provide a wide range of compression molds, especially for large diameter PEEK TUBE (greater than 1000mm)
    Injection molded is a method to use an injection molded machine to quickly inject molten polymer into a mold cavity and solidify to obtain various plastic products.

    Because of the fast production speed and short delivery time, injection molding is suitable for small finished products and medium and large batch orders.

Typical PEEK Tube Pipe Applications




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