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Engineering Plastic Bushings Sleeve Bearings

Bushings, also known as flanged bushings, plain bearings, plain bushings or sleeve bearings. Used to reduce friction and noise between the rotating shaft and the structure supporting it.
Thrust Washer – A flat washer usually used with radial plain bushing to support axial loads between a rotating surface and a stationary part.
Engineering plastic bushings, sleeve bearings and washers produced by SNC Techs are mainly machined from plastic profiles and injection molded. Metal bearings, washers are basically only machined. Therefore, the engineering plastic bearing is also more diversified in the molding process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost.
SNC Techs offer a wide selection of high performance polymer based on the temperature, sliding speed, load…of the bushings, sleeve bearings applications.
Such as: POM, PA Nylon, PTFE, PEEK and PI polyimide...
We highlight some of the key characteristics of these materials to help you determine which one best suits your bushings, sleeve bearings and thrust washers needs.
  • POM
    ●  High hardness
    ●  High strength
    ●  Corrosion resistance
    ●  High precision
    ●  Self-lubricating 
    so it is used as sliding parts, gears, bushings... At the same time, because of its low water absorption, it can be used in a high humidity environment.
    Good toughness
    Light weight
    Shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing
    widely used in the manufacture of bearing, sleeve bearing, thrust washers, and other components that require high mechanical properties, toughness, and rigidity.
    High lubricity
    High-temperature resistance
    Corrosion resistance
    can be used in the occasions of concentrated acid and alkali, even strong acid environments such as HF and oleum nitric acid (above 98%).
    High strength
    High-temperature resistance (long-term use temperature of 260℃)
    Wear resistance
    Chemical resistance
    Good dielectric strength
    Because of its excellent performance, PEEK is widely used in harsh working environments.

  • High strength
    High-temperature resistance (maximum operating temperature up to 380℃)
    Excellent insulation
    Almost no gas release
    Therefore, it is widely used in the electronic & semiconductor industry.
In addition, by selecting the corresponding base material, adding reinforced fibers, special lubricants, wear-resistant agents, etc., the engineering plastics are modified to improve their physical properties.
Base material - Determines the basic performance of the bushings, sleeve bearings.
Reinforced fibers and fillers - Increase bushings sleeve bearings’ strength so that they can withstand greater stress
Solid lubricant - Makes the bushings, sleeve bearings self-lubricating and reduces friction.

SNC Techs stocks a wide selection of flanged bushings, plain, cylindrical sleeve bearings and thrust washers.
See all available sizes in the chart below.

Name Update Category Thumbnail Download
Engineering Plastic Flanged Bushings.pdf 2022-01-13 Bushing & Sleeve Bearing & Thrust Washer download Download
Engineering Plastic Plain Sleeve Bearings.pdf 2022-01-13 Bushing & Sleeve Bearing & Thrust Washer download Download
Engineering Plastic Thrust Washers.pdf 2022-01-13 Bushing & Sleeve Bearing & Thrust Washer download Download

Other dimensions available on request.

SNC Techs offer plastic bushings, sleeve bearings and thrust washers for a wide range of applications.

Such as:Agricultural, Automotive, Industry, oil & gas , Medical, Energy, Packaging, Food processing, Office, Transportation, Electronics assembly.

Bushing, Sleeve bearing Installation

Bushings, sleeve bearings should always be installed in a housing bore that provides good support. There must be a chamfer on the front of the housing bore to allow the bushings, sleeve bearings to be pressed in. The tolerance of the housing bore must be H7, the smoother the better.
The recommended shaft tolerance range is h9~h7. Shafts should be hardened or plated in the bearing area to minimize wear.
Engineering plastic bearings are self-lubricating and maintenance-free. If lubricated during the first installation, the load carrying capacity and service life of bushings, sleeve bearings can be improved and extended. The sliding speed of bushings, sleeve bearings can be increased by continuous lubrication with the addition of grease, oil, water or other liquids.

Plastic bushings, sleeve bearings’ size measurement

SNC Techs provide different measuring methods for bushing, sleeve bearing inspection with below equipment.

Plug Gauge
  • Low cost
  • Easy and quick on-line measurement
  • Functional measurement as the plug gauge replicates the shaft
  • Suitable for small inner diameters
Air Gauge
  • Easy and quick on-line measurement
  • Exact values can be obtained
  • High precision
  • Independent of the operator
Coordinate Measuring Machine 
  • Exact values with shape and form visualization
  • High precision
3-point Internal Micrometer
  • Exact values can be obtained
  • High precision
  • Applicable to a wide range of diameters




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