Dimensionally stable, high purity, wear-resistant plastic materials for wafer handling.

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SNC Techs manufactures high-performance polymer wafer handling tools, peek screws for semiconductor industry.

PEEK, PAI, and PI (polyimide) are often used for these applications. They need to be dimensionally stable, high purity, wear resistant to minimize the chance of contaminating the semiconductor chips being manufactured.

PEEK wafer tweezer is a manual wafer handling tool that avoids excessive contact. 

PEEK is halogen-free and will not contaminate the wafer. Compared to metal tweezer, PEEK tweezer will not scratch the wafer surface.

PEEK Vacuum Tips and Wands can be used to manual transfer (single wafer transfer) 2-12" semiconductor wafer or LED epitaxial wafer.
Wafer Vacuum Tips are available in PEEK and Polyimide.
Due to its portable structure design, it is convenient to pick up electronic parts and small products, and due to strong suction, it can move quickly without contaminating the surface of the product.

Semiconductor Test Socket applications may require plastics that can operate at temperatures ranging from as low as -55 °C to as high as 155 °C (-67 °F to 311 °F). The plastics specified for these applications need to have low particulate generation and low outgassing to minimize contamination of the IC chips during testing.

Some Semiconductor Test Socket applications require materials with specific electrical properties.
SNC Techs’ Test sockets are available in PEEK and Polyimide material.

PEEK Combs, Pushers, Retainers and Boat Adaptors are used for wafer handling automation system, batch wafer transfer system, wafer handling diffusion equipment…
Compared with ceramic material, PEEK Clamshell Comb is easy to machine, have better toughness, and is only about 1/3 the price of ceramic Clamshell Comb.

PEEK Screws are corrosion-resistant and maintain excellent resistance to various chemicals in a wide range.
PEEK screws have excellent strength, and stiffness up to 500°F (260°C).
Custom size PEEK screw are available





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